Greece Receives Justification

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Greece Receives Justification

10 Feb 2005 16:18:00

By Stathis Petropoulos

After an investigation, which started after the game with Armenia, UEFA with
a letter sent to the Hellenic Football Federation makes known that no
attempt of bribery from Greek relevant bodies took place and acquits the
Federation of every charge. Analytically the HFF letter states: “A letter
from UEFA to the HFF, states the completion of the investigation which took
place on the subject of Armenian football team officials after the game of
the preliminary phase of 2004 Euro between Armenia and Greece (06.09.2003)
and which led to the irreversible acquittal decision of the Federation and
its President from every charge. In the next issue of Uefadirect a relative
article will be published in which will make clear that based on the
evidence of the research, the HFF and its President have not been involved
in a bribery attempt.”

Translated by Eirene Nisiriou