UPI Intelligence Watch

UPI Intelligence Watch

United Press International
February 11, 2005 Friday 3:28 PM EST


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The United States might be trying to isolate Iran internationally,
but that hasn’t stopped Armenia from deepening its ties with its
neighbor to the south. During a visit to Armenia, President Mohammad
Khatami said that Tehran-Yerevan cooperation will promote mutual
interest, regional security and stability. Khatami met with the
secretary of the Armenian National Security Council, Serzh Sarkisian.
Khatami stressed that Iran supports Armenia, believing that mutual
cooperation can help development and security in the Caucasus.
Sarkisian voiced his hopes for further expansion of bilateral
relations, commenting that cooperation in the fields of culture,
education and economy is in the interest of regional security.
Linking the railways of the two neighboring countries would be
effective in establishing the north-south corridor, Sarkisian added.