“Peace To Karabakh”


12 Feb 05

Vladimir Kazimirov Surveying Events of 1992-1996 on Pages of Daily Azg

Vladimir Kazimirov, representative of former Russian president on
Nagorno Karabakh, former head of Russian mediatory mission and former
co-chair of OSCE Minsk group, will post a series of publications
on Karabakh conflict at his () and daily
Azg’s websites.

Citing the words of Alexander Tvardovski “Let it be true no matter
how bitter it is”, Kazimirov notes that the “events of not remote
past unfortunately suffer unintentional confusion and deliberate

Six publications by Kazimirov – “Why?”, “Prologue”, “First restrictions
of military operations”, “December fraud of 1993”, “The Bishkek
protocol”, “A break-through to ceasefire”, “What part did Russian
mediation play in reaching ceasefire?” – are already available in
Russian. The English translation of Mr. Kazimirov’s publications will
be available with time.

It should be noted that few views of the Russian diplomat perhaps
contradict views existing in Armenian reality.

By Tatoul Hakobian