ARKA News Agency – 02/11/2005

ARKA News Agency, Armenia
Feb 11 2005

Green Lane agricultural NGO founded in Armenia

Military statements necessary to Azerbaijan to support fighting
efficiency of the army – S.Sargsian



YEREVAN, January 10. /ARKA/. USDA MAP Director Jeffrey Engels
participated in the opening of the office space of the new
Agricultural Assistance NGO, Green Lane, on February 8. Green Lane
was established in December 2004. It involves more than 50 members of
MAP-supported farmer groups and cooperatives and will operate in the
field of organic agriculture. According to Nune Sarukhanyan, the
Chairperson of the new NGO, these farmer groups left behind a long
transition period to organic agriculture. Green Lane, inspired and
funded by USDA MAP, now belongs to these farmer groups: Farmer Field
Schools, Local Extension Research Groups, and cooperatives. Mr.
Engels warmly welcomed and congratulated the members of the NGO and
valued their future contribution in the development of organic and
general agriculture in the country. He expressed his willingness to
further provide support to Green Lane. Ms. Sarukhanyan cordially
thanked Jeffrey Engels, Dave Slusser and other MAP consultants for
the moral and financial support in this starting period. The main
goal of Green Lane is to assist farmers in establishment and
sustainable development of farmer groups and cooperatives to produce
high quality and competitive products, thereby increasing incomes of
member-farmers and cooperators. Nune said Green Lane, with its
research potential, funds and close collaboration contacts in the
regions of Armenia, is ready to start its activity. In the first
month of its existence, Green Lane has sufficient investments from
individuals and organizations. The number of the NGO members is
growing each day. L.D. –0–



YEREVAN, February 11. /ARKA/. Military statements are necessary to
Azerbaijan to support fighting efficiency of the army, RA Minister of
Defense Serge Sargsian stated in the interview to Yerkir Newspaper.
According to him, Azeri military men need to “prove” that they can
settle issues by force. “If they admit that cannot take the lost
lands by force, then their opponents will surely interested in the
reason of that and the administration of defense department will have
no answer”, Sargsian said. He also said that similar statements in
negotiating process are means of pressure not only on Armenian party,
but on mediators as well. “It is not perspective style of work”, he
resumed. L.D. –0–