Armenia’s Dashnaktsutyun party against revolutions

Armenia’s Dashnaktsutyun party against revolutions

10 Feb 05

Yerevan, 10 February: The Armenian Revolutionary Federation –
Dashnaktsutyun [ARFD] is for reforms but against revolutions, Vaan
Ovanesyan, deputy speaker of the Armenian parliament and a member of
the ARFD board, told Arminfo today.

He said this while commenting on today’s statement by New Times party
leader Aram Karapetyan about his party’s plans to stage a nation-wide
revolution in Armenia in April 2005 and its readiness to cooperate
with all national political forces (excluding the [former ruling]
Pan-National Movement of Armenia).

Vaan Ovanesyan said that the ARFD had been speaking about the need
for radical reforms in the country for many years and considered the
pace of changes in Armenia to be ineffective.

However, this does not mean that a revolution has to be staged. As
for Karapetyan’s statement on his willingness to cooperate with
all political parties of the country, “we have not yet received an
invitation for cooperation from Aram Karapetyan or his New Times
party”, Ovanesyan said.