The Karabakh Problem Has No Alternative Solution



«Either we have no skill to protect our own country, or the country
banishes his sons. Do one have at least one king buried in the present
territory of Armenia? Have you thought about it? ». Today in the club
«Pakagits» Alexan Kirakosyan, a state political figure, who enjoyed
great authority in the political and cultural fields in the Soviet
times, tried to analyze the events taking place around Armenia from
a more global point of view.

Alexan Kirakosyan avoided questions regarding the internal political
conditions. The person who voted for Robert Kocharyan in the
Presidential elections, now announces, «If you want to save your
country, this small part of land, fight with those who sell it».

Saying this, Alexan Kirakosyan did not mean the present Government
of RA. According to the speaker, the so-called 5th column using the
foreign money and realizing the Georgian and Ukrainian revolutions
exists in every country. In this case Alexan Kirakosyan looks for this
column outside the Government. However, he considers that improvements
must be done both in the political and in the economical fields.

The speaker is not troubled by the draft resolution adopted in the
PACE in January about the Karabakh conflict. According to Alexan
Kirakosyan the Karabakh conflict has already been solved by the
people. «The loss of Karabakh means loss of Armenia. And he who does
not understand this does not understand anything in politics. »

Alexan Kirakosyan sees the solution of the problems of Armenia who
is outside the profits of the great countries, only in uniting. But
it becomes clear from his words that he has no respect for any
of the opposition parties. «We have no political parties. All of
them have corporative aims. » The author of these words finds that
there must be 2-4 parties in Armenia, like in the USA, Germany,
and England. Nevertheless, neither does Alexan Kirakosyan respect
the democratic countries as he considers that Europe, for example,
is blackmailing Armenia.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress