February 8 Day Of Announcements At RA National Assembly


10 Feb 05

The key event of the day was the announcement represented by Justice
faction and read by Aram G. Sargsian. The faction expected that the
representatives of other factions and groups of the parliament will
sign their announcement.

It was emphasized in the announcement that “as a result of Nagorno
Karabakhâ~@~Ys isolation from the negotiation process, the essence
of the conflict has changed, turning into a territorial claim between
Armenia and Azerbaijan. At present, the settlement of the conflict
is observed through the scope of Azerbaijanâ~@~Y s territorial

The announcement stated that Nagorno Karabakh achieved its independence
legally, according to the international criteria of the right for

Stepan Zakarian, another member of the faction, condemned the policy
conducted by our foreign ministry and also touched upon the Nagorno
Karabakh conflict. He said that our political figures are constantly
losing their calculations concerning the Karabakh issue.

They explained the decision to send a detachment to Iraq by the
possibility that the US can participate in the settlement of Nagorno
Karabakh issue. But on the very next day after our detachment departed
to Iraq, the US made a statement supporting the territorial integrity
of Azerbaijan.

It was obvious that the opposition made the issue of Nagorno Karabakh
a key one for their activities.

The MPs also discussed the clash between two criminal groups in a
Armenian settlement. Victor Dallaqian said that “the clash was a result
of the disorder in the republic. Immorality destroyed Rome; Caligula
made his horse a senator. While the disorder threatens Armenia.”

By Karine Danielian