Divorces Harm The Country

Divorces Harm The Country

Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
09 Feb 05

The basis of the state is the family which determines the continuity
and rhythm of human life. The more strong and stable the family
is, the more powerful the state is. For the traditional people of
Artsakh this motto has acquired a new meaning on the way of building
statehood. Do all the marriages bring happiness to the couples? Do
all the married couples cross the borderline of old age together? At
the Civilian Registry Office of Stepanakert we were informed that 292
marriages and 46 divorces were recorded in 2003, and 318 marriages and
57 divorces in 2004. It should also be mentioned that a considerable
number of marriages are not registered at all. We were told that in
case of divorce the couple must pay a sum which should not exceed 10
thousand drams. By the way, in the decision of the court the sum of
the state tax is also mentioned. The main part of the fine is paid
by the spouse who is to blame for breaking the family. In foreign
countries married couples sign a marriage contract and in case of
divorce the family property is divided between the spouses according
to the contract. However, the marriage contract is not real for our
country for several reasons: problems of unemployment and housing,
social and economic conditions, etc. According to the secretary of the
Stepanakert City Hall Committee for Guardianship and Trusteeship Vazgen
Gasparian, in 2004 the committee discussed 11 cases on guardianship,
5 cases on connected with children and their upbringing and other
cases, all in all 41. According to him, the cases connected with
children increased against the previous years. These are the cases
when the parents cannot achieve an agreement and turn to the City
Hall to solve their problem. â~@~Both the parties have equal rights
for meeting with children,â~@~] said the secretary of the committee
adding that many parents unfortunately avoid responsibility for their
children and prefer working in private companies in order not to
pay alimony. Recently the committee, the members of which regularly
meet with parties and take part in trials, has saved three families.
â~@~To say that the cause for divorces is always of social character
would not be correct. There are different factors: upbringing,
character, temperament, lack of mutual understanding. All of us must
try to solve national problems together. Therefore, to have powerful
statehood and healthy society it is necessary to think seriously over
the stability of the family,â~@~] said Vazgen Gasparian.



From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress