BAKU: Turkish speaker urges Russia to “use its weight” to solveKarab

Turkish speaker urges Russia to “use its weight” to solve Karabakh issue

Lider TV, Baku
9 Feb 05

[Presenter] The Kremlin may play a big part in resolving the
Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, the speaker of the Turkish Grand
National Assembly, Bulent Arinc, has said. The Turkish diplomat said
that Armenia is interested in letting the conflict remain unresolved.

[Correspondent over video of a press conference] The Ankara government
wants to develop relations with neighbouring countries. The
strengthening of the Turkic-speaking countries in the region,
including Azerbaijan, is a result of the correct policy conducted
by their governments. This was announced by Bulent Arinc at a press
conference at the end of his visit to Azerbaijan.

Arinc also voiced his view on Armenia’s aggressive policy. He said
that Armenia has taken a non-constructive stance and is not interested
in resolving the Karabakh conflict.

He said that relations between Turkey and Russia are steadily improving
and that the Kremlin may play a big role in resolving the issue.

[Arinc speaking in Turkish] Russia’s contribution to the resolution
of the Karabakh conflict is useful. As you know, the UN has passed
four resolutions on this matter, on the withdrawal of the Armenian
troops from the occupied territories. Regrettably, those resolutions
have not been enforced. At the same time, the OSCE has set up a Minsk
Group to resolve this problem through diplomacy. Unfortunately,
despite having existed for more than 10 years, the group has produced
no results. We believe that progress on this issue can be achieved
if Russia uses its weight or influences the process.

[Correspondent] Arinc said that the Turkish Grand National Assembly
will discuss the Xocali genocide [massacre of Azerbaijanis in a
Karabakh village in 1992]. The Yerevan government which is groundlessly
trying to prove to the world the fact of genocide must realize that it
were the Armenians who carried out the massacre – they killed a lot
of Turks in 1915. There is enough evidence to prove that. A glaring
example of the Armenian fascism is the 26 February 1992 Xocali tragedy,
Bulent Arinc said.