BAKU: NATO Secretary General to receive report on Garabagh conflict

NATO Secretary General to receive report on Garabagh conflict

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Feb 9 2005

Baku, February 8, AssA-Irada — NATO Secretary General’s special envoy
on South Caucasus and Central Asia, Robert Simons, says he is pleased
with the status of NATO-Azerbaijan relations. “I am very satisfied
with the current level of ties between the alliance and Azerbaijan”,
he told a news briefing at the Foreign Ministry on the results of
his visit to Baku.

Simons said that NATO and Azerbaijan are co-operating extensively
in numerous fields. He added that work on the Individual Partnership
Plan has been completed, and its implementation will begin following
its approval by NATO.

Simons continued that he had met with Azeri officials dealing with
the document and discussed with them all matters relating to its
efficient realization. He commented that he was satisfied with all
the work underway in this area. A NATO working group is due to visit
Baku in mid-February to clarify certain details.

Simons added that while in Azerbaijan, he also met with his colleagues
to discuss the Upper Garabagh conflict. He said that he had collected
enough data on the matter and would submit a relevant report to the
NATO Secretary General.*