Turkey first in asylum rates to Germany

Roj TV, Denmark
Feb 5 2005

Turkey first in asylum rates to Germany

Whilst a fall has appeared in refugee counts who applied to take
refuge in Germany in 2004, Turkey has grabbed the first rank with
among those countries from which citizens have been seeking refuge in

The statistics show that the number of refugees 35.607 people
appealed for asylum in Germany, when the count is compared with that
of last year it is seen that the refugee count has been decreased by
14.956. In spite of reduction in the refugee number from other
countries to Germany, Turkish citizens have still the first rank in
going into exile in Germany.

As to the numbers of refugees coming from foreign states to Germany,
Turkey comes out on the top with 6.301 refugees, Serbia and Karabagh
takes the second rank with 4.900. Other countries included in the
list are as such: Russia, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Iraq, China, India and

In January and February, Germany entitled 960 refugees 389 of whom
are Turkish citizens to take shelter in the country and, covered
1.107 people comprising 211 Turkish citizens in accordance with
Article 51 of The Foreigners Law in the scope of “not being able to
been deported.”