Putney travel series starts with focus on Armenia

Brattleboro Reformer (Vermont)
February 3, 2005 Thursday

Putney travel series starts with focus on Armenia

On Thursday, Feb. 3, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Peter Dixon will show
slides and talk about his journey through and insights into Armenia
and its people.

The event will take place at the new Putney Public Library, and is
the first in a six-event travel series, “Bringing the World Back to
Putney,” offered by the library.

The annual winter series highlights the travel and good works of
residents from the Putney area, and gives the public a chance to
share in their journeys and insights.

Armenia, a county full of forests, rivers, canyons, castles and
monasteries, is a land of hidden treasure that is almost unknown to
the world. The Armenian people, mostly cut off from the outside
world, are eager to demonstrate to foreign visitors their traditional
hospitality and pride at their survival.

Dixon, of Westminster, worked for three-and-a-half months as a dairy
foods consultant for the USDA in Armenia in 2000. He traveled
throughout this intriguing country of dramatic beauty and
heart-wrenching challenges long enough to get a sense of its peoples,
culture and geography. Dixon’s work as a dairy specialist brought him
in contact with cheese makers and small business owners throughout
Armenia, which has a rich tradition of agriculture and cheese making.

Upcoming “Bringing the World Back to Putney” events include
presentations by local residents about their travels to Mt. Kailas,
Tibet [Feb. 17], Jordan [March 3], Botswana [March 17], Pine Ridge,
S.D. [March 31], and China [April 7]. All events are free and open to
the public.

For information, call [802] 387-4102, e-mail [email protected] read
about these events on