NKR: NKR Central Election Committee Meeting


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
04 Feb 05

On January 29 the meeting of the NKR Central Election Committee took
place which discussed the question of dissolution of the committee. By
the decision of the meeting, according to the Point 1 of the Article
137 of the NKR Election Code the committee was dissolved. By the same
decision the chairman of the NKR CEC Sergey Davtian, deputy chairman
Sergey Shahverdian and secretary Seyran Hayrapetian were relieved of
their positions. During the meeting NKR prime minister Anoushavan
Danielian commended the five years of work of the committee in the
name of the NKR government emphasizing that all the four previous
elections were held according to the election law, at a high level,
providing legality, objectivity, transparency, which favoured the
principles of democracy in the republic. The unbiased work of the
central and the other election committees were highly evaluated by
international and local observers as well. On the same day the first
meeting of the newly elected Central Election Committee took place
conducted by the former chairman of the committee Sergey Davtian. By
open vote Sergey Nasibian was elected chairman of the committee,
Seyran Hayrapetian was elected deputy chairman and Raya Nazarian was
elected secretary of the committee.