NKR: DLU Became A Party


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
04 Feb 05

On January 30 the third extraordinary meeting of the public-political
organization Democratic Liberal Union took place. To the meeting were
also invited NKR National Assembly speaker Oleg Yessayan, prime
minister Anoushavan Danielian, members of parliament and government,
representatives of public and political organizations. Opening the
meeting the chairman of the central council Ashot Ghulian pointed out
the importance of the mission of the DLU in the home political,
social, economic and cultural spheres. According to the spokesperson,
the DLU had a significant role in the democratic reforms in the
country. Taking into account the regular course of accomplishment, as
well as the requirements of the law on political parties the necessity
of restructuringthe public and political organization into a political
party occurred. Along with the report on the works done before the
question of restructuring into a political party was on the
agenda. Assessing the activities of the Democratic LiberalUnion in
four years Ashot Ghulian emphasized their consistency in preserving
the positive and the necessity of not avoiding drawbacks and
mistakes. In comparison to other political forces DLU has had better
possibilities to impact the policy implemented by the government
thereby assuming its share of responsibility in state governance. In
this respect the work done by the union is significant. At the same
time, DLU also bears responsibility for the unsettled problems and
becomes a target of criticism on the part of other political forces.
Although the positive changes in the country in the past five years
are obvious, to which DLU has had an important contribution, it causes
anxiety that recently different political forces have set out in a
race for the prerogative of a standard-bearer of democracy. This will
have an instructive role in reconsidering and reevaluating the
strategy of future activity of the party. Restructuring into a
political party will become the fist step in its fulfillment. The new
political party was named `Democratic Party of Artsakh’. The
Regulations and the Program of the party were adopted. According to
the Regulations, the central council consisting of 25 members will
control the political activity of the party. Ashot Ghulian was elected
chairman of the central council of the Democratic Party of Artsakh.