Test Your Super Mettle

Test Your Super Mettle

February 3, 2005

By Bill Simmons

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After my laptop batteries ran out on the airplane
to Jacksonville last Monday, I was playing one of those dopey “Dumb
things to do to keep your brain occupied” games and realized that it
could make a fun entry for Super Blog II. Here’s the test: Off the top
of your head, can you name the teams, the score and the MVP from every
Super Bowl? Feel free to play along; we’ll run the answers below.

Here’s the first part of my noble attempt, along with my first
recollection of each game (and I swear on Willie McGinest’s life that I
didn’t cheat):


Miami 14, Washington 7 (MVP: Jake Scott)

Forget the undefeated season for the Dolphins — this was the game that
clinched Hall of Fame status on the Unintentional Comedy Scale for Garo
Yepremian, the most famous Armenian in Super Bowl history.

Correct answer: Miami 14, Washington 7 (MVP: Jake Scott)

Editor’s Note: Bill Simmons is filing round-the-clock reports from
Jacksonville, Fla., in Super Blog II. Check back throughout the day for
updates. Here are all his entries from Day 4:

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress