Sean Connery offered role in Kurdish film

Sean Connery offered role in Kurdish film

Wednesday, February 2, 2005


The unforgettable spy of the James Bond series, Sean Connery, has been
offered a role in a movie to be shot in Turkey that tells the story of
the Brukan clan

ANKARA ` Turkish Daily News

  The story of the Brukan clan, comprising 500,000 members in 117
villages of Van, will be retold in a movie titled ?Brukan: Exodus.?
The film, which depicts the migration of the clan from Diyarbakır’s
KaracadagË` to the Caucasus and Iran in 1609, will be produced by
Gültekin Movie Productions and directed by Engin Alap.

  Producer Kasım Gültekin, director Alap and General Coordinator
Sema Efe visited Van’s DogË`angün village to scout out places for
construction of the film set. The crew said they would start
shooting on March 15.


Sean Connery as S¸emdin Bey?

  Alap also noted that they had offered a starring role to Sean
Connery, the unforgettable spy of the famous James Bond. Alap said
they offered the role to Connery through an agency and that the famous
actor was warm to the offer. If he accepts the role, he will bring
the leader of the clan, S¸emdin Bey, to life.

  Alap emphasized that the film would be shot in Kurdish and
dubbed in English, saying, ?This film will reflect the culture of a

  Gültekin said the soundtrack would include Kurdish songs and
that they would try to promote their local music to the world by
means of this film.

  Gültekin, who says 2 billion euros are in place for the making
of the film, also said: ?This amount will be increased to 3 million
along the way. We don’t have any economic concerns about this
job. Three thousand character actors will appear in the film, and
it will be an international movie.?

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