PACE Resolution on NK Reflects Processes Inside OSCE Minsk Group


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 1. ARMINFO. The PACE resolution on Nagorny Karabakh
is an unprecedented document in terms of Armenia’s having been
recognized as a direct party to the Karabakh conflict and an occupant,
says Shavarsh Kocharyan, Armenian delegate to PACE from the Justice
opposition bloc.

No international document except for the resolutions by the
Organization of the Islamic Conference has ever recognized Armenia as
a direct party to the Karabakh conflict. The appointment of a new PACE
rapporteur on Nagorny Karabakh will not change the situation. The new
rapporteur will follow the logic of the PACE resolution.

Shavarsh Kocharyan calls a lie the statements that the resolution will
not affect the OSCE MG peace process. On the contrary the resolution
reflects the processes inside the MG and this unfavorable atmosphere
is the result of Armenia’s ineffective foreign policy.

Shavarsh Kocharyan says that during the resolution discussion the
initiatives of the Azeri delegates were strongly supported by their
Turkish colleagues while the Armenian delegation could hardly expect
the same from any other foreign counterparts. Even Armenia’s
strategical partner Russia was not supportive. For example at PACE
the Russian delegates were first neutral but when it turned out that
the proposals of Armenian MPs were passing some of them began voting
in favor of Azerbaijan.

If Armenia wants European support it should effect democratic
reforms. No coincidence that before 1995 when Armenia held free and
democratic elections the international community sympathized with i
but the situation changed after the electoral fraud of 1996. Of course
Azerbaijan is not a democratic state either but in Azerbaijan there is
oil, says Shavarsh Kocharyan adding that Pres.Aliev is much liked in
the world and the international community is ready to support him
everywhere even in the Karabakh issue just to reinforce his positions
in Azerbaijan and to launch democratic reforms there.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress