Euro HR Court to Begin Examination of Suit re Shahumian-Getashen


YEREVAN, JANUARY 28. ARMINFO. Most likely, this year the European
Court for human rights will start consideration of the suit of the
land charitable fund Shahumian-Getashen on invalidating a number of
clauses of the European convention on defence of main freedoms and
human rights. ARMINFO was informed in the press office of the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

According to the resource, the claim of the fund was registered in the
secretariat of the European Court. The land charitable fund
Shahumian-Getashen, speaking on behalf of the residents of the
Armenians villages of Shahumian and Getashen districts, displaced as a
result of the policy of the authorities of Azerbaijan on expulsion of
Armenians during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict from 1991-1992, at the
end of 2004 appealed to the European Court for human rights to receive
a material and moral satisfaction for the violated rights for easy use
and protection of property of the displaced population. Now the
aforementioned territories are under the control of Azerbaijani armed
forces, where Armenian populated areas, the property of the Armenians
are destroyed, and the program of resettlement of Azerbaijan is being
implemented. The fund expects from the court to recognize violated the
1st clause of the 1st protocol of the European Convention for defence
of main freedoms and human rights.

The clause says that every natural person or legal entity has the
right easily to use his property. Besides, the fund expects that the
court will recognize violated the 8th clause of the convention,
according to the first point of which “everybody has the right for
respect of his personal and family life, apartment and
correspondence”. Besides the fund demands to oblige Azerbaijan for
material and moral compensation for infringement of the rights.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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