BAKU: Russia supports performance of all UN SC Resolutions

AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Jan 28 2005


[January 28, 2005, 20:59:48]

On January 28, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Russia Alexander Yakovenko held a press conference for the
foreign journalists in Moscow. During press conference he also has
answered questions of the Azerbaijan journalists.

In particular, making comments on the question of correspondent of
AzerTAj how Russia estimates the hearings on the report on Nagorny
Karabakh at the winter session of Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe and whether joins recommendations of the Council of
Europe that resolutions the UN Security Council were performed out,
Alexander Yakovenko has declared that Russia as permanent member of
UN SC, supports performance of all resolutions of Security Council of
the United Nations, this is our general rule, irrespective of what
the resolution represents. He also has emphasized, that Russia in its
position on the Nagorny Karabakh settlement proceeds from necessity
of active political dialogue between the sides. Russia welcomes that
level of dialogue, which was established between presidents of
Azerbaijan and Armenia, and having noted, that the sides should agree
among themselves to solve existing problems. `Russia is, from its
part, ready to cooperate actively in this question, however, finally,
the decision of this problem lays in the two capitals’, he has told.

Making comments on the question of correspondent of AzerTAj on how
Russia concerns to that adapted `Contract on Restriction of
Conventional Armaments in Europe’ is not distributed to the Nagorny
Karabakh territory and this region remains to this day outside of
zone of the control over the arms which have collected there, A.
Yakovenko has told that Russia is the state ratifying this contract.
`All these questions are discussed within the framework of a special
joint Commission – there is such a special body – and this question
together with others, is discussed. He has emphasized that it is not
a unique question, which is at the stage of discussion. `Russia would
like that all states which have signed the said agreement, would
ratify the adapted contract about restriction of conventional
armaments in Europe and that it is very important that the Baltic
states would join it’, the official representative the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Yakovenko said.