Ardarutiun Bloc Considers PACE Res Very Dangerous for Armenia


YEREVAN, January 28 (Noyan Tapan). The Ardarutiun (Justice) bloc
considers that the PACE Resolution adopted lately on the basis of
David Atkinson’s report is very dangerous for Armenia. Ruzan
Khachatrian, Spokeswoman of the bloc, informed a Noyan Tapan
correspondent that the issue was discussed during the joint session of
the bloc and NA Ardarutiun faction held the same day. It was
established that though the high-ranking officials and political
statesmen continue insisting that the Resolution has no legal force
one shouldn’t underestimate the political importance of the Resolution
and its further influence on the legal settlement of Karabakh
problem. The members of the Ardarutiun faction agreed to the
estimation, according to which the adoption of the Resolution not
favorable for Armenians is the result of foreign and home policy
carried on by the Armenian authorities during the previous years. On
the eve of the NA spring session the bloc confirmed its intention to
continue boycotting the work of the parliament. At the same time its
was mentioned that the Ardarutiun faction will participate in the
discussion of issues of political importance. In particular, a
decision to participate in the discussion of the bill “On Return of
Deposits” submitted by the bloc and included into the NA agenda was
pronounced. According to Ruzan Khachatrian, the members of the bloc
condemned the conduct of Arshak Sadoyan, Chairman of the Union of
National Democrats. Touching upon the statements made by the latter
during the previous week, the participants of the session said that
according to the regulations of the Ardarutiun faction, each member of
the faction having a special opinion may express it but he has no
right to undertake activity or propaganda contradicting the decision
made by the faction, which is done by Sadoyan venturing insulting
statements. Sadoyan accused one of his colleagues in press saying
that the latter “sold himself” to the People’s Party of Armenia.
During the session of the bloc it was mentioned that one may speak so
only about his opponents and a question was raised if Arshak Sadoyan
perceives PPA as his opponent. Answering this Sadoyan declared that
his thought was represented out of any context in press and some mass
media (in particualr, the Aravot and Haykakan Zhamanak newspapers)
just spread a slander he never said. He assured that he didn’t want to
insult anybody or oppose the bloc and he treats the members of the
bloc with great respect. He said he regretted that everything was
interpreted this way. The Spokeswoman said that as according to the NA
regulations there are no mechanisms permitting to dismiss from a
faction Arshak Sadoyan may only himself pronounce a decision to leave
the faction. But the latter declared that he won’t leave the faction
and will continue working.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress