Who now remembers the Roma?

Romano Vod’i, Czech Republic
Jan 27 2005

Who now remembers the Roma?
Brussels, 27. 1. 2005, 15:10 (Valeriu Nicolae, ERIO)

Roma Holocaust remains largely unknown and ignored by mass media and
political elites.Accordingly, ERIO thinks widespread Anti-Gypsyism/
Romaphobia continues to be also played down despite numerous reports
of the European and International Institutions.

Who now remembers the Armenians?’-Adolph Hitler before launching what
was meant to be the total annihilation of European Jewry.

`In the case of the Jews there are not merely a few criminals but all
of Jewry rose from criminal roots, and in its very nature is
criminal. The Jews are no people like other people but a
pseudo-people welded together by hereditary criminality…The
annihilation of Jewry is no loss to humanity but just as useful as
capital punishment or protective custody against other criminals’ –
Joseph Gobbels 1944

It is the day of remembering the Holocaust and, as usual, there is
little or no talk about the Roma Holocaust in the European media. The
European Parliament passed a resolution on Holocaust and racism,
which includes no specific reference to the Roma Holocaust or the
rampant anti-Gypsyism in Europe.
A researcher into the Roma Holocaust thinks Gobbels’ discourse with a
small change, the replacement of the word `Jews’ with `Gypsies’ would
be as popular as it was 60 years ago, now, in a Europe struggling
with strong but paradoxically still ignored anti-Gypsyism.