Christian and Charitable Organizations Awarded $20 Million in Armeni

Christian Post, CA
Jan 27 2005

Christian and Charitable Organizations Awarded $20 Million in
Armenian Genocide Settlement

Photo: Joseph Basralian, far left, representing the Armenian General
Benevolent Union, Andrew Torigian, second from left, representing the
Armenian Missionary Association of America, Sam Mikaelian, center,
representing the Armenian Church of America, Rev. Anoushavan
Tanielian, second from right, representing the Armenian Apostolic
Church, and Bishop Manuel Batakian, far right, representing the
Apostolic Exarchate for Amenian Catholics, each hold checks their
organizations received during a news conference in New York,
Wednesday Jan. 26, 2005. The five representatives each received
$333,333.33 as part of a $20 million settlement reached between New
York Life Insurance Co. and descendants killed 90 years ago in the
Ottoman Empire. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Nine Armenian Christian and charitable organizations began receiving
a part of the $20 million settlement between descendants of Armenians
who perished in the first genocide of the 20th century and the New
York Life Insurance Company.

The nine organizations, including New York’s Armenian General
Benevolent Union, the Burbank-based Western Diocese of the Armenian
Church of North America, and New Jersey’s Armenian Missionary
Association of America, Inc., were chosen for helping Armenians flee
from the Turkish Ottoman Empire to the United States during the
genocide of 1915, during which an estimated 1.5 million Armenians
were massacred.

According to Armen Hampar, a member of the Western Diocese, the fund
will be a great benefit to the diocese.

`It would be a great benefit to the diocese. All these
organizations are building and have the need for funds, and obviously
that kind of contribution to us is going to be very meaningful,” said
Hampar. “We’re looking forward to it and it will certainly enable the
diocese to pursue new programs and enhance the ones that are now in

According to reports, many of the thousands of Armenians who
purchased insurance policies were massacred during the genocide, and
the rightful policy heirs were unable or uninformed of the

The suit to claim those funds was settled after 5 years of
deliberations in January, 2004.

Potential heirs of the policyholders have until March 15 to file a
claim for the portion of the $20 million settlement, or their rights
will be waved.

Please box: For more information on the settlement or to obtain a
Notice of Claim form, call (866) 422-0124 or visit