Government approves food security concept

Jan 26 2005


YEREVAN, JANUARY 26, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian government approved
on January 25 the “concept of food security”, whereby it wants to
make Armenia meet international standards of self-sufficiency in
agricultural products by 2015. The program envisages that in ten
years Armenia’s agriculture and food processing industry will be able
to secure 75 percent of domestic demand in foodstuffs.
Hrachya Tspnetsian, a senior official from the Agriculture
Ministry, said after the Tuesday government session that Armenia
meets now only 55 of its domestic demand for foodstuff. He added that
the success of food security program depends largely on the
purchasing power of the population. Another goal of the program is to
enable every Armenian to consume at least 2,100 kilocalories a day,
an amount which doctors say is the “physiological minimum.”
Armenia has to import now all consumed sugar, cooking oil and part
of meat, wheat, but imports no fruits, potatoes and other vegetables.
The food security concept was developed by an inter-ministerial
commission. According to national statistical service, monthly
earnings of each member of an urban household make 12,000 drams
(approximately $25) and in rural areas 7,000 drams. Fifty-three
percent of that money comes from wages, 10 percent from sale of
agricultural products, 10.5 percent from state benefits and
allowances and another 22 percent from money remittances from abroad.
An average Armenian family spends two thirds of its budget on food.