PACE calls for settlement of Karabakh conflict

ITAR-TASS News Agency
January 25, 2005 Tuesday 9:48 AM Eastern Time

PACE calls for settlement of Karabakh conflict

By Yuri Ulyanovsky


Ten years after the end of the hostilities in Nagorno Karabakh the
conflict in this region is not settled yet, the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) said on Tuesday.

In a PACE resolution that was adopted after the discussion of a
report on settlement of the Karabakh conflict within the framework of
the OSCE Minsk Group the PACE supported the work of the group, called
on Azerbaijan and Armenia to keep going on the way to reconciliation
and proposed to delegations of the countries to discuss the
negotiating process at PACE sessions.

The PACE instructed the secretary general of the Council of Europe to
prepare the plan of actions to assist Armenia and Azerbaijan in this

Russia has never taken the side of Armenia or Azerbaijan in the
Karabakh conflict, chairman of the State Duma Committee for
International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev told Itar-Tass.

“As for arms supplies, Russia cannot be reproached of any bias. We
supply armaments to Armenia and Azerbaijan and fulfill equally our
commitments to both sides,” he pointed out.

“As for Tuesday’s resolution on settlement of the Karabakh conflict,
we worked on this project with our colleagues from Armenian and
Azerbaijani delegations, found common language on many issues and
reached compromise agreements,” Kosachev remarked.