Minsk Group and OSCE Monitoring Mission to Begin Visit from Armenia


25 Jan 05

Last week, Minsk group co-chairs and the OSCE Monitoring Mission
(including representatives of Italy, Finland, Sweden and Germany) met
in Vienna to specify the details of their regional visit envisaged on
this week. Andzej Kasprchyk, personal representative of the OSCE
chairman, said in the interview to Free Azerbaijan TV that they are
going to discuss all the details of the monitoring mission in the
course of the meeting in Vienna, including the issue of appointing the
head of the mission.

On January 20, Kasprchyk met with the Azeri foreign minister in
Baku. After the two-hour meeting Elmar Mammediarov told the
journalists that “after visiting the occupied territories of
Azerbaijan,” the monitoring mission will prepare a report on
inhabiting these regions by the Armenians. “Let’s wait and see what
kind of a report it will be. Let the mission accumulate facts and we
will see what will happen,” Mammediarov said.

It hasn’t been decided which regions under the control of Karabakh
forces will be visited by the monitoring mission. It has been
preliminarily announced that they will visit Qelbajar, Lachin,
Jebrail, Ghubatlu and Zangelan regions. The monitoring mission is
expected to gather in Yerevan on January 28 and leave for Stepanakert.

Masis Mailian, NKR deputy foreign minister, stated that “Stepanakert
positively evaluates the OSCE monitoring mission’s visit to
NagornoKarabakh. We will spare no efforts to contribute to the
monitoring mission”. “We have nothingto hide from the international
community and we are ready to show the OSCE mo nitoring mission both
the regions in the territory of NKR and all the regions under the
control of our forces situated out of our borders,” Mailian said.

Mailian reminded that Stepanakert has invited such missions to NKR for
many times to deny Azerbaijan’s accusations addressed to NKR.

By Tatoul Hakobian