DPA: E. Jones Statement Destroyed Arguments of Armenian Authorities


YEREVAN, January 19 (Noyan Tapan). The process of settlement of the
Nagorno-Karabakh problem is ruined for Armenia, – Aram Sargsian,
chairman of the Democratic Party of Armenia (DPA) included in the
“Justice” bloc, stated during his January 19 talk with reporters.

According to him, Assistant US Secretary of State Elizabeth Jones’
statement, to which the US State Department also joined, has destroyed
the Armenian authorities’ arguments that in case of sending a military
unit to Iraq the US position on the issue of Karabakh settlement would
be much more favorable. A. Sargsian reminded that soon in Strasbourg
David Atkinson’s report will be discussed. According to him, in this
report the Karabakh problem is qulified as a territorial dispute
between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

This means Karabakh is left out of the negotiation process as a
participant, and the well-known 1918 decision of the League of Mations
will be discussed, which is unecceptable for Armenia. In the view of
Aram Sargsian, if Armenia had had its own definite position, no
superpower would have applied pressure, since both US and Russia are
co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. He noted that the US’ statements
express its attituse towards Armenia’s authorities. He called the fact
of sending the Armenian military unit to Iraq with zurna-dhol
(traditional Armenian music) a “jest”. Pointing out it is not clear
what fate awaits the young Armenians who were sent to Iraq,
A. Sargsian also noted that anti-Armenian sentiments have already been
expressed openly in Lebanon, Syria and the Unated Arab Emirates.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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