No Velvet Revolution To Take Place In Armenia In 2005-2006: RPA


YEREVAN, JANUARY 15. ARMINFO. The positive tendencies observed in
Armenia’s political and economic life in 2004 will continue in 2005
too, says the leader of the parliamentary faction of the Republican
Party of Armenia Galust Saakyan.

He refutes all the forecasts that a velvet revolution will take place
in Armenia in 2005-2006. One should not compare the situation in
Armenia with the situation in Georgia and Ukraine – so any attempts to
apply their scenarios in Armenia will fail, says Saakyan. At the same
time the opposition will continue its fight for government change.

As for the possible cancellation of the mandates of the opposition
deputies boycotting the parliament’s work Saakyan says that only their
voters can deprive them of their mandates. This issue must be
discussed in the parliament as the remaining MPs and the people should
know the opposition’s arguments.

Saakyan says that there are no prerequisites for the ruling
coalition’s split. There are certain contradictions over certain
issues but this is positive as heated debates often give birth to
effective solutions. The coalition’s fruitful activities will leader
to $1 bln budget in 2006 and 20%-25% reduction of poverty. 2005 will
see Armenia’s economic breakthrough and no political event will be
able to stop it.

As for the foreign policy Saakyan says that priority is given to the
Karabakh conflict settlement. “Karabakh is de facto independent and
this reality should be considered during the settlement talks.”

Armenia should continue its active involvement in peacekeeping and
anti-terror processes as this raises the country’s image.

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