BAKU: Stagnation predicted in Armenia

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Jan 14 2005

Stagnation predicted in Armenia

Considering Armenia’s geo-political position and problems related to
its economic growth, the country’s future remains questionable for
Armenians. Therefore,
Armenian NGOs started implementation of the `Armenia-2020′ project in
The results of the project will be published in a book in Armenian,
Russian and English languages shortly.
The project coordinator Ardashesh Kazagetsyan told local media that
according to the project, only an insignificant part of people
involved in the project believe in economic progress in Armenia in 20
`The majority of participants believe the situation in Armenia will
be the same or even deteriorate in 20 years, which is scary.’
Kazabetsyan stated that the project was participated in by 1,000
representatives of Armenia and 500 from the Armenian Diaspora in
foreign countries. The participants were from different regions and
with various occupations, he said.
Kazabetsyan continued that the project was valued at $2 million,
which was funded by wealthy Armenians living abroad. One part of the
project was prepared in Armenia and the other three parts in the
United States.*

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