Georgia’s premier welcomes new ferry link with Russia

Georgia’s premier welcomes new ferry link with Russia

ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow
10 Jan 05

Tbilisi, 10 January: A series of documents on the opening of a ferry
rail link between the Georgian port of Poti and the Russian port of
Kavkaz was signed in Tbilisi today. Russian Transport Minister Igor
Levitin and Georgian Economic Development Minister Aleksi Aleksishvili
signed the agreements “On the ferry service”, “The rules of shipping”
and “The temporary rules for the operation of the ferry service”.

Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, who attended the
document-signing ceremony, said “the signed agreements and the opening
of ferry traffic between the ports of Poti and Kavkaz will create
positive trends in the development of trade relations between Georgia
and Russia”.

The first ferry crossing will be completed in the second half of
January and at first it will operate once every three days,
transporting on average 25 railway carriages. Not only Georgia and
Russia will use the Poti-Kavkaz ferry link, but also Armenia,
Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries.

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