For some, Christmas is today

Press-Enterprise , CA
Jan 6 2005

For some, Christmas is today

Armenian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas today, 12 days after
the churches that follow the Gregorian calendar celebrated the birth
of Jesus Christ.

Members of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Riverside will observe
the Holy Feast of Nativity during the monthly service on Sunday at
All Saints Episcopal Church, 3847 Terracina Drive, Riverside.

Bible study and hymn-singing will begin at 2 p.m., with the Holy
Badarak, Divine Liturgy at 3 p.m. The traditional Blessing of the
Water will follow the service.

The Blessing of the Water celebrates the baptism of Christ and the
revelation of his divinity.

Early Christian churches celebrated Christ’s birth and baptism
together on Jan. 6 until the 4th century, when the church in Rome
separated the two events to establish a Christian replacement for a
pagan holiday, said the Rev. Dr. Stepanos Dingilian, visiting pastor.

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