ARF Cent Com: NKR President Incites Dashnaktsutyun to Opposition


STEPANAKERT, December 30 (Noyan Tapan). The Central Committee of
Artsakh Dashnaktsutyun is sure that the recent personnel changes
carried out by the NKR President are of political character, which is
considered as an uneasy precedent for the home political developments
in the republic, and thinks that it is necessary to make this public
and present their position. In its statement of December 29 the
Central Committee of ARF Dashnaktsutyun reminds that NKR President
Arkady Ghoukassian, speaking before the state, economic and political
active members on December 16, complained of the work of the medium
executive link, pointing at the bribe-taking cases in the state
bodies, as well as he mentioned the importance of the structural and
personnel changes. “According to at least obscure logics, Arkady
Ghoukassian recently had a meeting with Minister of Education, Culture
and Sport Armen Sargsian, a member of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun, and
thanked him for the effective activities. At the same time he reported
about his dismissal of the post of the Minister, suggesting to work as
the NKR President’s Adviser,” reads the document. The Central
Committee of the NKR Dashnaktsutyun turned down this proposal. The
Central Committee of Artsakh Dashnaktsutyun explains this step of the
NKR President by the parliamentary elections to be held in 2005,
“considering the presence of a member of the independent party within
the government as inexpediency.” Regardless of the fact that “the
President tries to give the impression that the dismissal of the
Minister is the consequence of his previous statement”, nevertheless
according to members of Artsakh Dashnaktsutyun, “as a matter of fact
A. Ghoukassian is given no rest by the comparative success of
Dashnaktsutyun and other democratic forces in the past local
elections.” During the recent years Dashnaktsutyn didn’t always
consent to the home policies of Arkady Ghoukassian, “but it always
extended a hand of cooperation, proceeding, first of all, from the
interests of Artsakh and its people.” The authors of the statement
express regret that “on this important stage the NKR head couldn’t
apprehend the complete sense of his mission and be on the
corresponding height”: “Hr couldn’t become a symbol of unity and
solidarity. Owing to his this step the Artsakh President, in fact,
incites the progressive political force, Dashnaktsutyun to
opposition. The home and international values of free, legal and
democratic elections aren’t also comprehended in Artaksh.” The Central
Committee of Artsakh Dashnaktsutyun states that in response to the
“NKR President’s political step against ARF Dashnaktsutyun” it decided
to recall representatives of ARF Dashnaktsutyun to the executive
power. At the same time, without considering the break of the
relations at the present moment as inexpedient, the party decided to
keep the ARF representative at the Security Council attached to the
NKR President. “In case of the unwilling development of relations in
the future, the responsibility will be on NKR President Arkady
Ghoukassian,” reads the statement.