Eastern Prelacy: Concert in the Armenian Christmas Spirit

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January 3, 2005

Gilda Buchakjian-Kupelian

NEW YORK, NY-Are they here yet?Can we sing with them?When is Gaghant Baba
coming? Melissa, John, Shoushig, Nayiri, Meredith and Ana, among a myriad
others, couldn’t wait for the show to start.
A capacity audience filled out the Alliance Francaise, French Institute
in New York City on Saturday, December 4th for the sold-out Armenian
Christmas children’s concert featuring Nvair and Taline, sponsored by the
Armenian Prelacy under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Oshagan in
celebration of the Year of the Family.
The Vicar General, Very Reverend Father Anoushavan Tanielian was invited
by chairlady Lucie Bandazian following her welcome address. On behalf of
Archbishop Oshagan, Very Rev. Fr. Anoushavan set the tone for the afternoon
by reminding the children that they would grow into the leaders of tomorrow
and asked them to promise to be good.
Over 400 children and parents regaled in the upbeat singing and dancing
performed by Nvair and special guest, Taline who came especially from
California. They clapped, sang and stomped their feet at the prodding of the
performers. Some parents more excitedly so than their offspring.
In addition to Nvair’s traditional Armenian children’s songs, Taline
sang Armenian adaptations of favorite English songs. Obviously, both
performers truly enjoyed their craft and were able to convey it superbly to
the audience thus eliciting their enthusiastic responses. The interactive
show was enhanced by the company of costumed mascots Eshlig Meshlig, Piso,
Nabasdag and Dzaghradzoo (clown) who pranced across the stage
enthusiastically in colorful costumes and invited the children to chime in
the singing. The ethereal snow fairy glided along delicately sprinkling snow
crystals to the all-time favorite song “Tsuyne gouka patil patil”.
Renditions of Donadzar and Loor Kisher were particularly moving.
Complementing the ensemble cast, real burgeoning artists, Trchnig, Shoushig
Hye Aghtchig and Tamar (Nvair’s and Taline’s children) danced the shourtch
bar, acted, sang and recited in Armenian.
Christmas, Year of the Family and national songs were seamlessly
interwoven and artfully synchronized with electronically staged images of
the Nativity scene, ornaments, pine cones, twinkling stars, colorful balls,
animals, jigsaw puzzles and the Armenian Alphabet. Particularly fascinating
was a depiction of Armenia and Church by Haig Sarajian that integrated
nicely with the brandishing of the Tricolor to the tune of Armenian national
A grand, tastefully decorated tree and enormous poinsettia planters
adorned the stage with a special seat for Gaghant Baba. The anticipation and
excitement created for his arrival catered to the children’s sense of
wonder. Gaghant Baba marched through the auditorium in full regalia and
fanfare, singing and dancing, davool player, singers and dancers in tow. All
the children present received handmade gifts made in Armenia.
A large group of Sunday School children and parents from the Trumbull,
Connecticut Armenian Church, arrived by chartered bus after visiting the
Rockefeller Center Tree and dining at a theme restaurant. Noteworthy was the
presence of Mrs. Rahan Kachian, a Genocide survivor now living in New
Jersey, who enjoyed the show as much as the children. Other guests arrived
from as far as Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and naturally New York.
Dottie Bengoian, who led the Connecticut group, said it quite aptly:
“What Nvair is doing is far bigger than this one concert. She is saving a
legacy, a treasure and giving a gift to all of us. Poet Anoush Krikorian,
her grandfather, and Sosy Kadian her mother, inspired and encouraged me and
now Nvair is influencing new generations in a beautiful and positive way. It
is a joy to watch her perform with talent and grace.”
“This being the ‘Year of the Family’, we tried to put a Christmas
concert together that the whole family could enjoy.” said Chairlady Lucie
Bandazian. “Nvair and Taline exhibit such talent and Armenian spirit that
children and adults can relate to. We just hope the children enjoyed the
concert as much as we loved putting it together.”
The professional, hard working committee comprised mostly of young
professionals and devoted mothers are Lucie Bandazian (chairperson), Silva
Kouyoumdjian (co-chair), Aline Kassabian, Meghanoush Alashaian, Asdghik
Inedjian, Karen Toufayan-Nargizian, Sophie Khatchatryan, and Gilda Kupelian.
Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Prelacy programs.
The committee members express their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude
to the sponsors and the Prelacy staff who contributed to the dazzling
success of the concert.
It was indeed an inspiring, family affair in the spirit of Christmas
celebrated in authentic Armenian style; a memorable event not to be
forgotten any time soon by the wide-eyed Armenian children who experienced