Kocharian discusses pace of social security reforms


Dec 21 2004

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 21, ARMENPRESS: Armenian president Kocharian held
a working meeting today with prime minister, labor and social issues
minister, central bank governor and other government officials to
discuss the pace of reforms in the social security system.

Kocharian’s press office said the president drew the attention of
the present to the fact that though some parts of the social security
reform were discussed and several ministries have taken appropriate
steps there is not yet a comprehensive relevant program.

“We have not a single document that would outline what we are going
to do and what we are going to demand from the ministries, while
reforming the system requires a well-coordinated and persistent work,’
Kocharian was quoted as saying.

The president described reforming this sector as “being the most
difficult and protracted,” adding that the fragmented studies could be
used for developing a comprehensive program to start its implementation
next year.

Kocharian instructed to set up a task force that has to involve
skilled and seasoned experts from all ministries and other government
departments to work out a general concept on reforms within a month.

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