Matsakis launches scathing attack against Papadopoulos

Matsakis launches scathing attack against Papadopoulos
By Jean Christou

Cyprus Mail, Cyprus
Dec 19 2004

CYPRIOT MEP Marios Mataskis was one of the first to let fly over the
outcome of the EU summit yesterday, calling it a catastrophe that had
resulted in Cyprus becoming a non-entity within Europe. He accused
Britain of being Cyprus’ number one enemy for its role in the summit

“In effect yesterday the solution of the Cyprus problem was signed,”
Matsakis told the Cyprus Mail. He said the results of the summit
essentially meant that Cyprus had lost its leverage and now would have
to endure the return of the Annan plan with very minor alterations
“and we will be blackmailed into accepting it”.

“I don’t understand. I want to hear explanations. The government is
responsible. President Papadopoulos must explain to the people of
Cyprus what went wrong yesterday. We had high hopes. We had the upper
hand. Why did we give in? We gave everything and we took nothing,
nothing,” he said.

Matsakis said the decision meant that Turkey was under no obligation
to recognise the Republic of Cyprus. “No recognition of Cyprus. No
withdrawal of Turkish troops. No recognition of the Armenian
genocide. Turkey gave absolutely nothing and they got everything.
These were extremely bad results.

“President Papadopoulos yesterday signed our non-recognition. We are
not part of the European Union. We are not a recognised state. We
are nothing.”

Matsakis, known for his animosity against the British bases in Cyprus,
saved some of his most scathing remarks for the British government
for its unquestioning support of Turkey and its tactics at the summit.

“Britain’s role was undermining as they always do,” he said. “Britain
has always been our number one enemy.”

Matsakis said the Greek Cypriot side was in a deep hole that it could
not get out of, “like someone whose house is burned down and who was
trying to find the remnants”.

“I don’t think we realise the catastrophe that has happened. It’s a
complete catastrophe.

What we fought for for years, and the sacrifices that people made. A
division now would be a blessing. We are heading towards a far worse
solution that a complete division.”

Matsakis said the first mistake made by the government was to accept
the Annan plan as a basis for negotiations. The Greek Cypriot ‘no’
in the referendum was not a mistake, he said but the government’s
actions in Brussels on Friday had destroyed that ‘no’.

“We don’t exist as far as Europe is concerned after yesterday’s
decision. We are a nonentity. We are like gypsies. We have no
government, nothing.”

Matsakis said Papadopoulos must be called to account for what happened
and that parliament should meet to discuss what had gone wrong and
how things could be put right.

“We have to see who is responsible and see who is governing
this country, this so-called country, because it seems like AKEL
is governing,” he said. The President needs to give convincing
explanations and he needs to be put through an interrogation with
the press.

We fought very strenuously and we achieved a very good motion of
resolution for Cyprus at the European Parliament and our government
gave it all away yesterday,” he added.

“Of course, I can imagine how much pressure there was but this is where
true statesmen and governments show their worth. We were led to believe
they were up to it and able to withstand the pressure, but it seems
they were not and we need to know why. I feel very angry about it.”