Tbilisi: Aliyev Comments on Georgia

Aliyev Comments on Georgia

Civil Georgia, Georgia
Dec 17 2004

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on December 17 that the
problems of blocked freight movement on the Georgian border will be
settled only after the Azerbaijani side is convinced that these goods
are not designated for Armenia.

“Azerbaijan will never permit the import of freight to Armenia via
its own territory,” RIA Novosti quotes the Azerbaijani President as
saying on December 17.

“The stoppage of train vans causes damage to both Georgia and
Azerbaijan. But we have no other way,” Aliyev added.

While commenting on the problems of ethnic Azeris living in Georgia,
Aliyev said that the Azerbaijani authorities always focus on this
issue, adding that “the Azerbaijanis in Georgia are citizens of
Georgia and they should respect the laws of their country.”

“There are particular forces which are trying to cause damage to the
relationship between Georgia and Azerbaijan. We know these forces;
unfortunately, they act inside our country as well. But basically
these forces operate outside Azerbaijan,” Aliyev said.

“We will never permit that the strategic relations between Georgia
and Azerbaijan to be endangered,” the Azerbaijani President added.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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