Resolutions of 8th Convention of ARF Armenia Organization

Resolutions of 8th Convention of ARF Armenia Organization

3 Dec 04


After thoroughly examining the Javakhk issue, the Supreme Convention

– As a result of discrimination policy of the Georgian authorities,
the Armenian population of Javakhk has appeared in a difficult social,
economic situation, which has spurred emigration.

– Having no autonomy, the indigenous Armenians are deprived of the
chance to manage their cultural, economic and social life.

– The policy of Armenia in regards to Javakhk economic, social and
national life is not on proper level.

Taking into consideration the difficult situation in Javakhk, the
attention of the Armenian government should be more often called to
that issues and encourage a dialogue with the Georgian authorities on
this issue. Issuing from the above-mentioned, the congress decided
to suggest the Armenian government creation of a structure that will
deal with the Javakhk issues.


Issuing from the possible developments in the Artsakh issue, the ARF
Supreme Congress once again asserts its position expressed during the
29th general Congress. ARF denounces any compromise that may endanger
the security of Nagorno-Karabagh. The international recognition of
Karabagh must contribute to its reunion with the homeland.

Given the denying position of Azerbaijan, Karabagh must be the
negotiator in the talks and Armenia must guarantee its security.

ARF will continue to promote social, economic and national development
of Karabagh, as well as establishment of democratic institutes there.


Armenia-Diaspora relations must be raised to the modern level of
development. In this respect, the government will be suggested to
create a structure to address this relationship taking over for the
foreign affairs ministry.

Armenian apostolic church, sects

Taking into consideration the arguments between the centers of the
Armenian church, ARF will promote a dialogue and a settlement of
disagreements within the church.

There must be a fight against the sects which undermine not only
the church but the overall national security. The adherence of the
sectsâ[email protected]~Y activities to the legal procedures must be overseen on
governmental level.

Foreign affairs

The Congress expresses anxiety over regional security in terms of
possible developments and assigns the newly elected Supreme Body to
pay attention to the following branches of interrelations:

– Armenia-NATO – Armenia-European Union – Russia-Iran – Turkey-EU
possible developments – International recognition of Genocide

Taking into consideration the intentions of the Defense Ministry of
Armenia to join the international military coalition in Iraq with
Armenian troops, the Congress suggests to:

a) Be guided by UN Security Council and other international
organizations’ procedures, where Armenia holds a membership.

b) Since this issue regards the Armenian Diaspora in the Middle East,
the Armenian government must prioritize the security of the Armenian


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