Oskanian: If UN adopts Azer. resolution Armenia will refuse bilatera


ARKA News Agency
Dec 6 2004

YEREVAN, December 6. /ARKA/. If the UN adopts the Azerbaijani
resolution “on the situation on the controlled territories”, Armenia
will refuse bilateral negotiations on Karabakh, as Armenian Foreign
Minister Vardan Oskanian said in his interview to local TV company
Kentron. In his words, in this case Armenia will demand Nagorno
Karbakh’s participation in the negotiating process as a party of the
negotiations, as after adoption of such a resolution the issue will
go beyond the Minsk Group and partially will go to other
international organization, in which Amenia may not have any separate
negotiations. “We really will not continue bilateral negotiations. If
Azerbaijan will agree to Arkadi Ghukasyan’s participation in them,
the process will continue, otherwise Azerbaijan will be responsible
for the consequences”, he stated adding that the Con-Chairs were
warning Azerbaijan that inclusion of the issue in the UN agenda will
break the negotiations. Also Armenia will seriously change its policy
regarding the Karabakh problem. Particularly, in his words, the
problem will be publicly announced as a conflict between Azerbaijan
and Nagorno Karabakh in which Amenia plays a role of guarantor. Also,
Armenia will refer the issue to 1992, it will accent the reason of
the situation and true responsible of militarization of the conflict.
“And finally we will put the issue on self-determination of Karabakh
strongly”, he stressed, adding that Azerbaijan understands all this.
In Oskanian’s opinion, the danger of the adoption of the resolution
by the UN in the circumstance that this organization can consider
this issue as a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan . At that in
his words, the probability of adoption of this issue exists as the
OSCE Minsk Group member states will refrain from voting and most of
the countries will follow their examples. In this case as he
mentioned, the procedure of the adoption of the decision in the UN
will allow Azerbaijan to pass the resolution having support of 5-10
states. At the same time, Oskanian added that he does not see a
tragedy in it, as the issue discussed in UN concerns the issue of
settlement of the controlled territories and does not solve the issue
of the status of Nagorno Karabakh. T.M. –0–


Emil Lazarian

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