BAKU: Baku to seek new UN resolution

Baku to seek new UN resolution

AzerNews, Azerbaijan
Nov 25 2004

Azerbaijan will not confine itself to discussions on the occupied
Azerbaijani lands at the 59th UN General Assembly session and will
seek adoption of a new resolution, President Aliyev told journalists
while on a visit to the Oil Rocks on Monday. The Foreign Ministry
of Azerbaijan is engaged in intense consultations to gain support on
the issue from as many countries as possible.

Armenia is trying to avail of all means to hamper the discussions,
the President said.

Aliyev pointed out that Armenia’s statements that Azerbaijan will
have to negotiate with Upper Garabagh are ridiculous, and that the
country will negotiate with Armenia as a party to the conflict.

“If Armenia wants the talks to be held with Upper Garabagh, it must
abandon the issue, withdraw its forces from the occupied lands and
stop financing Upper Garabagh from its budget. In this case, we could
solve problems differently and much faster.”

Touching upon the development of oil fields in the country, Aliyev said
that due to the successful implementation of Azerbaijan’s oil strategy,
Azerbaijan has become a rapidly and dynamically developing European
country. He said that when the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline
is put into operation, Azerbaijan’s oil revenues will triple, which
will allow to considerably raise wages and social benefits. 110,000
jobs were opened in the country this year, including 70,000 permanent
positions, he said.

Commenting on the reports on the increase in the project value,
the President said that certain reserves were envisioned during the
discussions on the BTC pipeline construction.

He said that the value of any major project is subject to a decrease
or increase and it is difficult to say at this point how much the
expenses will change.

Aliyev noted that according to the initial version of the project,
expenses were estimated at about $2 billion, but its value was later
reconsidered and brought to $3 billion. “Azerbaijan is fulfilling
all of its commitments. All the payments are made in cash and an
international finance system has been developed. No complications in
this respect are expected.”

UN starts discussions on Upper Garabagh

The UN General Assembly launched discussions on Upper Garabagh
on Tuesday.

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov stated that the OSCE
Minsk Group is working toward the Upper Garabagh conflict resolution
and stressed Armenia’s unlawful policy of settlement in the occupied
Azeri lands.

“750,000 Azerbaijanis have been driven out of their homes in Upper
Garabagh as a result of ethnic cleansing amidst the ongoing talks
between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Besides, the mass settlement of
Armenians in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan continues and we are
well aware of this.”

The Minister said that four resolutions adopted by the UN Security
Council on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from
the occupied lands of Azerbaijan remains a basis for the conflict

Azerbaijan’s observance to the ceasefire over the last 10 years shows
that Baku gives priority to a peaceful settlement, Mammadyarov added.

The UN General Assembly is expected to vote on a resolution on Upper
Garabagh after the discussions complete.

Azerbaijan’s permanent representative at the UN Yashar Aliyev earlier
forwarded a request to the United Nations to include the issue into
the session agenda. The UN General Assembly approved putting the
issue on discussion by 42 votes, 2 against (including Armenia),
with 99 members abstaining.

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