Canada: Lectures on Karabakh’s Independence


18 Nov 04

The AGBU Toronto offshoot and Zorian Institute organized lectures
dedicated to the history of Nagorno Karabakh’s independence and its
current state in the aspect of the recent international political
developments. The lectures were held at the AGBU Aleck Manukian
Cultural Center (Canada). Professor George Burnutian (from Antona
Collage) touched upon the Armenian-Azeri conflict, emphasizing that
Nagorno Karabakh is an Armenian territory. While Vartan Barseghian
(NKR Permanent representative to the US) talked of Karabakh’s current
status within the framework of the international law. He explained
that NKR keeps in line with the international criteria for being
declared as an independent state for the effective control of its
territory, by its permanent population, regular armed forces, the
legislative, executive and judicial elected by the people, as well as
the effective foreign policy. “The main precondition of the
negotiations is the establishment of safety and stability in the
region, that can’t be achieved without maintaining stability in each
country,” he said emphasizing that the policy conducted by the Azeri
authorities is aimed to ethnic annihilation of Karabakh’s Armenian
population and distortion of history. This last issue was touched upon
by professor, emphasizing that Azerbaijan and Turkey give many grants
to the Western experts for the violation of the history. “Few
organizations reflect the attack of these phenomenon. The Zorian
Institute,the AGBU and the National Association of Armenian Studies
are among them,” he said.

By Hakob Tsulikian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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