Role of state

Role of state


November 12, 2004

The criteria for evaluation of modern value processes is how much an Armenian
citizen is able to realize his creative potential, how much the society
contributes to the formation of the creativity.

If proper social conditions do not contribute to the development, then the
freedom of the person are endangered, since a person cannot be free without
conditions for personal growth. On the other hand, a nation cannot reproduce
itself without a creative and conscious approach.

In the current situation, neither the society nor the state offer a strategy
for anything other than reproduction. The goal of nations is to effectively
reproduce through creative self-realization. History shows that nations ignoring
this aspect have lost the meaning in lives and have either fallen or become
dependent on others.

Although thirteen years have passed after the independence of Armenia, it is
still not late to get to the start and ask the question of what Armenia should
be for its residents on the one hand and what it should be for the Diaspora,
on the other hand. The answer to this question is the pledge for our

The other question to be asked is where is our place and role in the world as
a nation and a state. Our questions are actual for defining Armenian state’s
role for human, society and nation and what is its role for the world.

Without the above mentioned we will not be able to put values into our lives
and actions as human, society and nation. The values have a crucial role in
formation and reproduction of social capital.

And the social capital has a crucial role in development of a person and
societies. Without a social capital people will have to invent bicycles
repeatedly, and the society will have to be setting up a social system.