Hairenik Association Inc. launches Hairenik Online Radio Station

Hairenik Online Radio Station
80 Bigelow Ave
Watertown, MA 02472
Contact: Jirayr Beugekian
Tel: 617-9263974 / 617-9263976
Fax: 617-9265525
E-mail: [email protected]

Hairenik Association Inc. launches Hairenik Online Radio Station

Watertown, MA — The Hairenik Association Inc. today formally launched
its new internet radio station, Hairenik Online Radio Station, which
broadcasts Armenian music and news about Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and
the Armenian Diaspora 24 hours a day.

The station began broadcasting with a music-only format on August 10,
2004, and has since been updating its musical selection and conducting
small promotions to test the interest of listeners. “The response
from our listeners has been overwhelmingly positive”,- stated Jirayr
Buegekian, Programming Director. The number of listeners is increasing
steadily and emails of encouragement are pouring in. We have regular
listeners in more than 35 countries!” A measure of that popularity
was reflected in a recent report, which appeared on the website of
California’s Fresno Bee newspaper, citing the unique programming
provided by the station.

Hairenik Online Radio will start broadcasting an expanded format on
November 20, 2004. “We are currently broadcasting music 24 hours a
day. Based on listener requests, we will be expanding the format to
also include some news, interviews and special programs for children.”
stated Buegekian.

However, the station will still keep music at the heart of its
programming. Prior to launching the online radio station, the
Hairenik Association worked with Bentley College in Massachusetts to
undertake a study on the viability of the launching of an internet
radio station. Based on the findings of the Bentley team, Hairenik
Online Radio will reserve at least 80 percent of its airtime for
Armenian music. “Although we think our listeners will enjoy the
expanded format, we remain committed to broadcasting lots and lots of
music,” stated Buegekian.

The Hairenik Online Radio can be accessed via the web site of the
Hairenik Association (), which also includes an online
bookstore and the online versions of its two newspapers, the Armenian
language “Hairenik Weekly” and the English language “Armenian Weekly.”
Hairenik Online Radio can also be accessed at
and selecting the media player of your choice.

November 16, 2004

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress