Donation to Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center

PRESS RELEASE November 17, 2004
Kanayq Hayots Women¹s Resource Center
1 Alek Manukyan Street, Central Building
Yerevan 375049, Armenia
Tel: (01) 552-215, (09) 486-330
Contact person: Shushan Avagyan
E-mail: [email protected]

Kanayq Hayots Women’s Resource Center, based on the campus of Yerevan State
University of Armenia, has received a donation of English-language feminist
literature to enrich its lending library. Dr. Berenice Malka Fisher,
Professor Emerita of Educational Philosophy at New York University, met with
co-founder of Kanayq Hayots and panelist Shushan Avagyan at the Illinois
State University’s Women’s Studies Ninth Annual Symposium in March 2004,
which led to discussions in regard to collaboration between the two parties.
As a result, during the month of November Fisher has shipped over a hundred
women’s studies-related books, as well as two long runs of the journals
Signs and Feminist Studies. In addition, the donation includes many issues
of the National Women’s Studies Association Journal, Radical Teacher, and
Feminist Teacher as well as a scattering of issues of other journals with
feminist content. The collection of books and journals are from Fisher’s
private library accumulated in the course of her life and, according to her,
she is very pleased to see them find a new worthy home.

Berenice Malka Fisher has co-founded the School of Education’s Women’s
Studies Commission and created the University-wide faculty development
Seminar on Teaching Social Justice. Her feminist articles and essays have
appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Topics include shame and
guilt in the women’s movement, how disability affects friendships among
women, the impact of women as role models, a feminist theory of caring, the
meaning of childlessness for women, and the theory and practice of feminist
pedagogy. Her book ³No Angel in the Classroom: Teaching Through Feminist
Discourse² received the Distinguished Publication Award for 2002 from the
Association for Women in Psychology.


Kanayq Hayots provides an on-campus academic resource center geared toward
supplying the necessary tools to empower women, and raise awareness of
gender inequalities and discrimination within the University, as well as
other communities. Our objective is to eradicate discrimination against
women based on their sex, age, race, class, religion, ethnicity, physical or
mental disability, sexual orientation or marital status, and foster
solidarity among ourselves. The Center’s location within the academic
setting sustains, but does not limit, our commitment to the female student
population on the campus of YSU.