BAKU: Loshinin: Interstate relations b/w Az. & Ru develop in v. good

AzerTag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
Nov 13 2004

[November 13, 2004, 17:11:05]

The first deputy foreign minister of the Russian Federation Valery
Loshinin informed in exclusive interview to the correspondent of
AzerTAj that interstate relations between Azerbaijan and Russia
develop in very good direction. As he said, Russia is satisfied with
current level of mutual relations, in particular, the raising level
of economy of both states. He emphasized, that commodity circulation
between two states for 8 months has grown more than for 30 percent,
and the countries have good prospects of cooperation in power and
other fields of economic activities.

The Russian diplomat also has emphasized that on international arena
the two states practically on all positions operate together, and it
is very important. “All it, we hardly probable could reach, if not
for kind relations of heads of our countries. Here, first of all, it
is necessary to give due to Heydar Aliyev, he was very wise person,
wise statesman and politician, and he has much made for Azerbaijan
and for development of the Russian – Azerbaijan relations. He has
managed to make the friend of the young Russian President, and the
difference in their age has affected these relations only in the best
sense of this word. They had excellent mutual, attractive aspiration
to be beside, to listen and understand each other. And naturally, the
relations between presidents Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin became
continuation of this mutual understanding. It is enough to recollect
absolutely recent meetings in Moscow when at the Congress of the
All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress, President Vladimir Putin and Ilham
Aliyev attended, and arrival of the Azerbaijan President in the
anniversary of Moscow State Institute of International Relations
(MGIMO). It is evidence to our relations, the evidence that they are
pure, they do not bear in themselves any latent interests. These are
the open hearts, open souls which we very much appreciate”, the first
deputy foreign minister of Russia has told.

Having touched the question of settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan,
Nagorno Karabakh conflict, V. Loshinin has stated that Russia
consistently and actively works in this direction within the
framework of the Minsk Group of OSCE and is ready to act as the
guarantor of any decision adopted by the sides during negotiating

Making comments on the question on situation developed in sphere of
economic integration of CIS member-states, the diplomat has noted
that priority direction of the policy of Russia is rapprochement with
the CIS states, and in particular, in economic sphere.
From: Baghdasarian