Former Burbank truck driver arrested

Former Burbank truck driver arrested

San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Nov 13 2004

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former Burbank truck driver was arrested in
Armenia and returned to Southern California four years after a vicious
freeway road-rage killing in Universal City.

Shahen Keshishian, 32, one of the FBI’s most-wanted, was arrested this
week by Armenian authorities at his apartment in Yerevan, authorities
said Thursday. FBI agents and Glendale police in Armenia on unrelated
business located Keshishian.

Armenian authorities made the arrest, for overstaying his visa,
and Keshishian was immediately handed over to U.S. authorities.

“I am just so elated,” police homicide Detective Martin Pinner said
after returning Wednesday with Keshishian. “This arrest, I do believe,
came as a result of policemen talking to policemen, and massive
cooperation with other agencies in two different countries.”

The FBI said the arrest was a warning to criminals who have fled
the country.

“This arrest should send the message to individuals who flee to Armenia
and other countries that it’s not a safe haven,” FBI spokeswoman
Laura Eimiller said.

Keshishian was charged with murder for allegedly running down freelance
film editor Michael Craven, 44, of suburban Canoga Park with a black
Chevrolet Suburban on April 29, 2000. The killing came after a road
rage confrontation along the Hollywood Freeway.

Craven had been driving on the freeway after dinner with a friend
when the Suburban pulled up and eggs were thrown. One of the drivers
had apparently cut in front of the other.

Authorities say Craven pulled to the side of the freeway just south
of Barham Boulevard to confront the suspect, and the Suburban driver
stopped behind him. A passenger in the Suburban then threw a beer
bottle at Craven’s Jeep.

Craven was then run over.