Armenian cleric warns against religious sects


Nov 12 2004

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS: A senior Armenian cleric chided
the authorities for neglecting the penetration of alien ideologies
and especially of various religious sects into Armenian schools.
Bishop Sepuh Chuljian, who heads the Gugark Dioceses of the Armenian
Church, told Armenpress that religious sects are especially active
in schools in the regions, masked as charity organizations.

The bishop said the government must pay more attention to schools
since the children are more prone to the sects’ covert proselytizing.
He explained the drive of many Armenians towards the sects by their
social problems. Another part, according to him, joins the sects since
“they are protesters at the bottom of their heart.”

“The Armenian Church must fight for every Armenian to bring him or her
back to their true faith,” he said, adding also that the Evangelical
Armenian Church does not promote the spiritual unity of Armenians,
deluding, as a matter of fact, Armenians, claiming that its teachings
do not differ from those of the traditional Church.