Russia’s Gazprom Plans to Switch Attention From Iran to Armenia,Geor

Russia’s Gazprom Plans to Switch Attention From Iran to Armenia, Georgia

Nov 12 2004


Russia’s natural gas monopoly has cancelled plans to take part in a
tender to construct facilities at the Iranian South Pars field, the
Itar-Tass news agency reports. The agency quoted Sergey Kuznets, an
official from Gazprom’s legal department, as saying that the company
“held preliminary talks and looked at the project’s economics and
decided not to send a binding application to take part in the tender”.

However, Kuznets said that Gazprom was interested in Armenian energy
projects. Gazprom is looking at the possibility of taking part in
the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to Armenia and in the
privatization of Georgian pipelines linking Russia and Armenia.

Kuznets said that if privatization conditions in Georgia suit Gazprom,
the company will consider participation in the privatization of a
main gas pipeline and gas distribution organization as promising. For
Gazprom “this is important as these gas pipelines link Russia to