NKR President Met With Representatives Of Armenia’s Business Circles

NKR President Met With Representatives Of Armenia’s Business Circles

Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
11 Nov 04

As it was already informed, today, November 11, President of the
Nagorno Karabakh Republic Arkady Ghoukassian has left for the United
States of America for the participation in the telethon planned for
November 25 in the USA, and aimed at fund raising for the development
of Artsakh.

On November 10, in Yerevan, Arkady Ghoukassian met with representatives
of the business circles of Armenia. The meeting, initiated by the
Armenian Development Agency, was dedicated to the coming telethon.

It was noted that the raised funds, first of all, would be directed to
the construction of the “North-South” highway, strategically important
for the NKR. Arkady Ghoukassian emphasized the significance of the
road, both for the security guarantee and economic development of
Artsakh. He noted with satisfaction the readiness of the business
circles of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh to contribute actively to
the construction of the highway. The NKR President expressed his
confidence that this activity would also encourage the Armenian
Diasporaâ[email protected]~Y s representatives.

The majority of those, who made speeches at the meeting, expressed
their opinion that the construction of the “North-South” highway was
a nation-wide goal. They expressed their readiness to contribute to
the programâ[email protected]~Ys realization.

Issues related to the economic cooperation between Armenia and
Nagorno Karabakh were touched upon at the meeting. In particular,
the necessity of a clear definition of the relations in the legal
field was stressed. A proposal on organizing a business forum in the
NKR was also made.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress