New Work Published


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
09 Nov 04

The historical political essay “Karabakh Problem after Centuries of
Struggle” by Artashes Hakobjanian has appeared recently. This is the
logical continuation of the previous work by the same author entitled
“At the Origins of Artsakh Liberation War”. The author starts from
the reality that East Transcaucasia was the cradle of the Armenian
nation since the ancient times when the Armenians separated from the
Indo-European community as an ethnic entity. Through linguistic
facts and written sources of those historical times the author
proves that since ancient times the Armenian people was the main
ethnic population of East Transcaucasia and since the 8th century BC
formed part of the unified Armenian state. And whatever invasions
it underwent, it remained the homeland of Armenians who restored
their statehood every time. The last before NKR was the Commune of
Baku the members of which were massacred by the Ottoman bayonets.
Today it is the Republic of Nagorni Karabakh. Hakobjanian mentions
with pain that the Soviet Armenian historian, tasked by Stalin,
presented the Eastern state of Armenians as Azeri-Turkish, thereby
providing ground further falsifications and lies. To reveal the truth
Hakobjanian cites evidences starting from the antic historians and
geographers, ancient and medieval Armenian historical writings to
Makar Barkhudariants. Through undeniable facts the author proves that
throughout centuries East Transcaucasia was settled by Armenians,
where all the old geographical names are Armenians and where up to
the Caspian invasion of Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th
century 85 per cent of the population were Armenians. Economizing words
but condensing facts and evidence, Hakobjanian follows the course of
historical developments through centuries up to the origins of the
problem of Karabakh.