Moldovan Police Seize Fake Dollars


Infotag news agency
9 Nov 04

Chisinau, 9 November: The Moldovan police has exposed two criminal
groups which have been trying to sell 40.000 dollars in fake banknotes.

The public relations service of the Chisinau general police
commissariat has told Infotag news agency that Chisinau residents
Viktor Captura and Mikhail Lozan had been arrested while trying to
sell 20.000 dollars in fake banknotes. The criminals expected to
be paid 24 cents per dollar. The fake notes were of high quality. It
took three attempts to detect the fakes by special equipment.

The second gang included an Armenian, (?Khchan Melikset) and a Chisinau
resident, Viktor Gritsko. Police detained Melikset while he was trying
to sell 20.000 fake dollars, hoping to be paid 3.400 real dollars.

Criminal cases have been opened under Article 236 Part 2 of the
Criminal Code on charges of “producing or selling counterfeit
money or securities”. The article envisages 10 to 20 years of
imprisonment. Since the beginning of the year, 89 cases of forgery
have been registered in the republic, 77 out of them have been solved.