Armenia Fund USA Hosts President of Nagorno Karabakh Arkady Goukassi

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Armenia Fund USA Hosts President of Nagorno Karabakh Arkady Goukassian
and Executive Director of Hayastan All-Armenia Fund Naira Melkoumian
for a Lecture at ALMA in the Greater Boston Community

Moving rapidly toward completion of the North-South Highway, Armenia
Fund is halfway home. Its goal of building the 105 miles of highway
interconnecting 150 towns and villages in mountainous Karabakh has to
date raised $12 million towards the $25 million project. With ongoing
vital support from Armenians in the Diaspora and past proven success
from having built 49 miles so far, Armenia Fund continues to forge
ahead. The Fund is gearing up for the final leg, generating support and
overseeing construction of the remaining 56 miles with the much
anticipated Thanksgiving Day Telethon.

To raise awareness and inspire community involvement in the Armenia Fund
Telethon, the President of Nagorno-Karabakh, Arkady Goukassian,
accompanied in part by Naira Melkoumian, Executive Director of Hayastan
All-Armenia Fund, will be in the United States and are scheduled for
several pre-telethon events. Their initial destination is to the
greater Boston area – a special engagement will be held at the Armenian
Library Museum of America on November 13-th at 4:30 pm. The program
will include an entertaining video presentation by Armenia Fund USA and
guest speaker, President Goukassian will lecture on Geopolitical
Challenges and the Need for an Improved Infrastructure in Armenia and
Karabakh. All are welcome to be involved in this noteworthy event.

Armenia Fund’s annual Telethon for 2004 is stepping up its ambitions in
a grand way to raise the final $12.5 million needed for the completion
of the highway, deemed as the backbone of Karabakh. The 12-hour, live
broadcast airing throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, South
America, the CIS, and Middle East will feature live entertainment by
various Armenian performers, interviews with numerous celebrities and
political leaders, development and construction footage from Armenia and
Karabakh, and stories of individuals impacted by Armenia Fund projects.
A phone bank with 50 operators and volunteers will be helping to handle
the generous outpouring from Armenians world-wide. Broadcast schedules
and information for your area is available by calling our office. Or,
you can log onto our website – <;
for a real time web-cast of the telethon on
Thanksgiving Day and for more information.

Focused on infrastructure and high standards of accountability, Armenia
Fund USA is a unique organization dedicated to supporting large-scale
initiatives in both Armenia and Karabakh, helping the developing nations
sustain themselves for the future. Armenia Fund is non-partisan and
works closely with the governments of Armenia and Karabakh not only
building roads, but also schools, medical facilities, utilities and
humanitarian programs, all along upholding stringent project oversight
measures with bidding, management and quality control processes.

Founded in 1992, Armenia Fund USA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) representing
the support of Armenian diasporans in the Eastern United States and was
the first of Hayastan All Armenia Fund’s 18 international hubs to aid
the homeland. As the largest contributor toward strategic infrastructure
projects in Armenia and Karabakh, Armenia Fund has helped build 138
miles of roads, 81 miles of waterways, 36 schools, 3 electric
transmission networks, 210 residential buildings and 14 healthcare
institutions. After completing the Goris-Stepanakert Highway, linking
Armenia to Karabakh, Armenia Fund set its sights on developing the
North-South Highway. In the process of all its projects, Armenia Fund
has ensured sustainability by investing beyond construction, sponsoring
the necessary equipment and training, as well. This not only eases the
hardships for the people of Armenia and Karabakh for the current time,
but more importantly ensures stability for the long term.

Armenia Fund USA’s mission of accountability goes beyond Armenia and is
built upon a pledge of responsibility to benefactors and recipients
alike. All contributions are 100% tax deductible. To learn more about
Armenia Fund USA, go to
<; , or write/call for a free marketing
packet at Armenia Fund USA, 152 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (212)